Out-of-town Patients

The high successful rate, the quality of our staff and care, and the reasonable cost have attracted patients to our practice from Texas and other states. For those who would like to have a consultation or second opinion only, an appointment at a nominal fee can be arranged. For those who would like to utilize our services, but could not make long distance travel several times a month, we can make arrangment for them to use local doctors to perform their blood and ultrasound monitoring throughout the cycle. Therefore, they only need to make the initial visit and the visit for an insemination or an egg retrieval/embryo transfer procedure. This minimizes the cost and difficulties with travels to our office. Because of our past experience in dealing with out-of-town patients, it is a situation that we feel comfortable with and still allows us to offer the highest quality care.


If you need assistance in making arrangements with a speciality physician in your area and how to come to our office and the nearby accommodation, please contact our office at: (713)-771-9771 or send us a message

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