Meet The Staff

C. James Chuong, MD, MPH, Medical Director












Antoinette Khoury, MT, IVF Coordinator,                                                                            Senior Technician, ART Laboratory

Melissa Xu, Front Office Coordinator

Heera Remasankar, (MD, India),           IVF Nursing

Arjola Manaj, Infertility Nursing,

Dessire Sanchez, (MD, Mexico)                                                                                Infertility Nursing, Hormonal Laboratory

Medical Director


       C. James Chuong, M.D., M.P.H.




IVF Coordinator

                               Antoinette Khoury, MT 

Medical Assistant

                              Herra Remasankar, MD (India), (IVF)

                              Dessire Sanchez, MD (Mexico),  (Clinic)

                              Judy Pham, BS, (Clinic)


                               Heera Remasankar, (MD, India) 

Assisted Reproductive Technology Laboratory (ART Lab):


ART Lab Director:  C. James Chuong, M.D., M.P.H.

Senior Technician: Antoinette Khoury, MT  

Technician:           Judy Pham. BS

                           Dessire Sanchez, (MD, Mexico)  

Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) Service:

In collaboration with:GENESIS GENETICS, Detroit Michigan




Sherolyn Simmons, M.D.

Kistreia Robinson, M.D.

Michalle Roberts, M.D.

Nisha Eckhoff, CRNA

       Carolyn Watts, CRNA




       Jonathan Morris, Ph.D.

       Kristin Anderson, Ph.D.

       Alisha Wagner, Ph.D.  


Attorney Specializing in IVF Related Issues:


Mao-Sen Yieh

David Cole


Business Office: 


       Business Manager:               Christine Chen, M.S.

       Billing/Insurance Specialist:  Melissa Xu




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